XP 600 Carriage Board

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The XP 600 Carriage Board is a replacement component specifically designed for the Audley Mini 13 DTF printer. It serves as the main control board for the printer's carriage, which houses the printhead and controls its movement. Here are some important details about the XP 600 Carriage Board:

  1. Compatibility: This carriage board is compatible with the Audley Mini 13 DTF printer model, ensuring a proper fit and functionality within the printer's system.

  2. Functionality: The XP 600 Carriage Board is responsible for controlling the movement and positioning of the printhead during the printing process. It communicates with other components of the printer to ensure accurate and precise printing results.

  3. Installation: When replacing the carriage board, it is important to handle it with care and follow proper installation procedures. Once the board is installed, it cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged, so it is crucial to ensure the correct installation to maintain warranty coverage and printer performance.

Please note that the XP 600 Carriage Board is a critical component of the Audley Mini 13 DTF printer and should only be installed with care to ensure proper functioning and avoid any potential damage.