DTF Applications

Do you need some ideas, or are you curious about what you can apply your direct to film transfers on? Here is a list to get you going!



Yes, tees. But we say this first to make sure you cover all the basics. Of course, tees! That includes garment blends, like 50/50s and even tri-bends, and some of our favorites, 100% poly tees! With this, of course, comes garments in any color. You aren't held back and limited to printing on only white with DTF technology. Black garments, bright colors, heather colors, bring it! These days you can even profile your printer to cater the print process to specific garments. Color profiling is achieved with the Nix Color Profiler.


A sleeve print is an excellent print addition. When screen printing, you might not have the board(s) required for the sleeves, and this gives you a great option to be able to add this to your offerings. Many customers will want a flag or logo print on the sleeve these days, and this allows you to do that. This also gives you another use for your hat press. Sleeve prints are a great way to add an additional location of print.


Another great location on the tee. One of the great reasons this is an excellent offering is because you can press these on your smaller press/hat press, like the sleeves. So now you have added two more print locations and two more ways to add money to your invoice. Napes prints seem to have became more popular over the years as another option to doing the big back prints.


And while you have the hat press out, let's mention hats. A wonderful add-on to an order. We love the foam front on caps or doing a side panel on any hat. You can even do a small logo on the mesh parts of the hat if you're feeling adventurous.


Here's one you may not have considered. You can press transfers on to the infamous Chuck Taylor Allstars, aka, Converse Canvas shoes! Having said this, there are generic canvas shoes you can get as well, and press on the sides and even the tongue.


Like hats, masks are an excellent add-on to an order. You already have the artwork at this point, so shrink it down and slap it on a mask.


Many restaurants and food joints order from us, so now, we can easily offer them aprons. Even just a small logo on an apron offers next-level professionalism and branding. A full color print sure does look slick on a black apron.


Onesies are a piece of cake to press on. These are great for customers who place a regular order but might want to show off their company on their baby. A great option for customers who have screen printing setup for adults but need just a handful of small pieces they would not have been able to produce otherwise without all new setups. Also good for holiday prints for the baby!


Bandanas have always been tricky to print. This gives you a surefire way to do them now. No more frustrations screening them or getting them to stick to your boards for print. Just press and done. Your size is only limited to your heat press.

Safety Vests

Did you think about this one? This is a great option for quick work on those safety vests. An easy way to print a company logo on an essential construction item. Even just a black transfer adds a lot to the plain generic safety vest.


Unlike most direct to garment machines and inks, you can print on 100% polyester! And if you are using our Digital Factory Software and machines, we even have a heavy white mode to prevent bleeding.

Names and Numbers

Names and numbers can be tedious without the right setup and materials. DTF prints take the headaches away. No more running out of vinyl numbers, setting the press up, or ordering names.

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are an awesome way to use direct-to-film. Prints look especially nice on the traditional canvas color.

Jean Material

Jeans! Jacks, pants, whatever jean material you have, you should give direct to film a shot on it.


And lastly, our favorite DTF printer idea. Relabeling garments just adds that next-level touch to a product, and it makes your tees officially ready for retail. It's also nice that you can run a few sheets of these and have them ready next time. 60 seconds on the cutting board, you can have your entire batch of labels ready to press for the entire order.

With so many ideas for DTF applications you are sure to keep yourself busy printer. What will you print on next?