With groundbreaking ink technology, this is the DTF printer you have been waiting for. No more clogging and cleaning, you just hit print and walk away.



Why Mimaki?

With groundbreaking ink technology circulating through the damper, this printer will save you time and money. In addition, the nozzle detection and ink consistency are better than other brands and models, making the Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF printer the best in the DTF market.

Maximize your printing space with the only printer with a 31.5” print area. DTF Superstore offers a 31.5” film and dryer to boost your productivity and take full advantage of the new print area.

When you purchase the Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF Printer, you will receive onsite installation and training by our Mimaki-certified technicians. In addition, our world-class support is ongoing, so if you run into an issue down the road, we will make sure you are up and running again as quickly as possible.

The printer includes a one-year complete warranty that even covers printheads.

Key Benefits

  • One-year complete warranty, including printheads and onsite support
  • Reliable ink system design to reduce clogging and downtime
  • Better ink consistency than other brands and models
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Groundbreaking ink technology circulating through the damper
  • Go on vacation and you won't have to worry about clogging and cleaning printheads


  • Nozzle detection
  • 31.5” printing width - the first in the market
  • 48 sq ft / hour print speed
  • Onsite certified Mimaki technician setup and training
  • DTF University login with printer and industry-specific how-to videos
  • World-class support from DTF Superstore and Mimaki USA

Core Technology

Equipped with core technology functions to support stable operation and reliable production.

Ink Technology

Groundbreaking ink technology circulating through the damper means less maintenance.

Larger Printing Area

First in the market with a 31.5" printing area.

The Mimaki Lineup

The TxF150-75 Printer Package

The Mimaki TxF150-75 is equipped with a shaker/dryer, making it the first of its size to accommodate the larger 31.5" printing area, along with inks and film to get you started.

The TxF150-75 Printer

The Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF printer includes inks and film to help you get started, as well as a complete setup and a one-year warranty.


TxF-150-75 Compatible Shaker/Dryer

The first 32" DTF shaker/dryer on the market, that pairs with the Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF Printer.


Mimaki Compatible 32" Film

Mimaki-compatible film comes in rolls that are 32 inches wide and 325 feet long, and they can be either cold or hot peel.

Mimaki Fully-Enclosed Inks

The first 32" DTF shaker/dryer on the market, that pairs with the Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF Printer.

See the TxF150-75 in action

Watch the TxF15075 print up close!


How does the Mimaki TxF150-75 stack up?

Features I3200 Based DTF Mimaki TxF150-75

Print Speed (sq ft per hour)



Maximum Print Width



# of Printheads



1-Year warranty including printheads

Free Onsite Tech During Warranty

White ink circulation

Automated Head Cleanings

Filtered, Bagged and Degassed Inks

Nozzle Drop Detection

Automatic Nozzle Recovery

CE Marking for Safety

Feel more comfortable to hit print and walk away.

Go on vacation and not worry about clogging.


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