DTF Superstore 100% Uptime Guarantee

Our team at DTFSuperstore is committed to keeping your business running smoothly. If you purchase a DTF printer from DTFSuperstore and it goes out of service for maintenance or repairs, we will print your print-ready files and ship them to you while your printer is out of service. We will only charge you for material costs and shipping the roll of finished DTF Transfers to you.

How does our 100% Uptime Guarantee work?

      1. You must purchase at least one DTF Printer or DTF Printing System from DTFSuperstore.com.
      2. Your DTF Printer has scheduled downtime for maintenance or a repair issue confirmed by out Technical Support Team, and you are unable run print jobs until the maintenance or repair is complete.
      3. Your print ready files can be output using our standard, in-stock, DTF Superstore Ink, Film, and Adhesive.
      4. Production lead time 3-5 business days.
      5. You only pay for the material costs and shipping method of your choice to your location. 

How do I get more details?

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