Image Armor DTF Inks - 1 Liter

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Introducing Image Armor's groundbreaking 1-Liter Direct To Film (DTF) inks! Engineered to power most Epson and Ricoh-based printheads in the thriving market of Direct To Film printers. These inks stand apart, drawing from our mastery in Direct To Garment printing. They outshine competitors, especially those imported from overseas, and are proudly crafted right here in North America, ensuring absolute freshness upon arrival.

Tailored for specific printheads, our inks promise nothing short of superior printing performance.

  • Made in North America: Crafted with excellence and unwavering quality control standards in North America.
  • Fast Curing Times: Experience lightning-fast curing alongside exceptional wash and lightfastness. The prints are remarkably soft, flexible, and impressively durable, elevating the end-customer experience.
  • Longer Shelf Life: Image Armor Direct To Film inks are sealed and offer an extended 1-year shelf life from the date of manufacture, offering added convenience and flexibility.
  • Brighter, More Vibrant: Especially on dark textiles, our white DTF ink boasts exceptional opacity, rendering brighter, livelier colors that result in awe-inspiring DTF prints!

Note: These inks need cured at a higher temperature in the oven.