Black Widow XL 48" 4 Head DTF Printer System - AS IS - NO PRINTHEADS

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Dryer is different than in the photo!

What's Included:

  • Black Widow XL 48" 4 Head Printer 
  • Black Widow XL Powder / Dryer (Not as pictured)
  • No Warranty - Sold As Is

 NOTE: The included supplies should/will be used for initial setup and training. 

Technical Specs:

  • 48" Maximum print width 
  • 4 Epson Printheads (CMYK - WWWW)
  • 4 Pass, 6 Pass and 8 Pass Print Resolution
  • 1 Liter per color ink bottle capacity
  • Printer: 81.5" wide x 31" deep x 69" high
  • Dryer: 110" wide x 41" deep x 43" high


  • Windows 11 PC w/ 8b ram and I5 or higher CPU (Included)
  • Connects to PC via network cat6 cable
  •  A/C 220v Regulated.
  • 2 Dedicated circuits (1 for printer and 1 for dryer)    
  • L6-20 Style outlet for Printer- 20amps for Printer 
  • L6-30P Style outlet for Dryer - 30amps for Dryer - Minimum of 10 AWG Wire 
  • Climate control set to 70-75 degrees and 40 - 60% humidity
  • Typical setup time is 6 - 20 hours over a period of 1 week. 
  • Dryer must be vented to the outside with exhaust fan.

Important Notes:

  • Do not book any print jobs or sell any services until you've received your printer and have learned how to use it.
  • General understanding of a graphic programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Coreldraw is a must.
  • Basic computer skills are required. 
  • Printer must be used every 2-3 days to prevent clogging.
  • There is a software, hardware and process learning curve. Please allow yourself time and supplies to master it.
  • Dryer must be vented to the outside with exhaust fan. Fumes are harmful.
  • The dryer will not fit through a standard 34-36" door.
  • Customer must keep shipping crate in case the printer needs send back for service.

 Delivery Requirements: (must have one of the following:

  • Shipping Dock (dock leveled to truck, to unload)
  • Fork Lift 
  • Able to pickup from terminal (using own vehicle; Truck or flat bed trailer suggested)

DO NOT book jobs before receiving and learning how to run the printer.

Warranty is for originally owner and non-transferable. 

More warranty information is here:

  With this service your printer's stand, printheads, and ink system are all assembled here by our technicians and then repackaged for freight shipment. When you receive the printer you will just have to attach the printer to the stand.

*Note that large printers do not count towards affiliate program.