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MAX White Ink - Achieve Maximum Opaque White Layer:

Unlock the potential of your DTF prints with our newest MAX White Ink formula. Engineered to provide the maximum level of opacity, this ink ensures a solid and vibrant white layer, bringing your designs to life. Here's why our MAX White Ink stands out:

  1. Enhanced Consistency: Our MAX White Ink is formulated to have a thicker consistency compared to other white inks, resulting in less runniness during printing. This attribute enables precise control and minimizes smudging, ensuring clean and crisp prints.

  2. Convenient Packaging: Each bottle contains 900ml of MAX White Ink, providing ample supply for your printing requirements. The generous quantity aids in uninterrupted printing and allows for efficient ink management.

  3. Versatile Compatibility: This water-based DTF ink is compatible with both desktop and wide format printers, making it suitable for various printing setups. It is specifically formulated for Epson-based printers and printheads, including DX5, DX7, xp600, 4720, and i3200 models.

  4. Ideal for DTF Transfers: MAX White Ink is designed specifically for DTF printing applications and works in conjunction with DTF Film to create high-quality transfers. It offers excellent adhesion and vibrant white results, ensuring your designs pop on garments.

Note: To maintain optimal performance, gently roll or shake the MAX White Ink bottle daily to prevent pigment separation. This simple step ensures consistent ink quality and helps deliver consistent results.

Upgrade your DTF printing capabilities with MAX White Ink, providing the maximum opaque white layer for your designs. Experience superior print quality and unleash your creativity with vibrant, precise, and eye-catching DTF transfers.