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Matching specific colors is a common requirement in many jobs. While established brands often provide CMYK or other color values for their styles, achieving the perfect match for custom colors can be challenging.

Fortunately, with the NIX® Color Sensor, obtaining accurate color data for use in Digital Factory has never been easier. Simply select the desired job in the queue and utilize the job color replacement tool. Then, using the NIX® Color Sensor and your mobile device, scan the color you wish to match. Input the corresponding CIE lab values into the appropriate fields in Digital Factory, click apply, and voila!

This seemingly magical process is made possible because Digital Factory has been specifically developed with workflows involving the NIX® Color Sensor in mind. While numerous variables exist in a print workflow, including machines, inks, substrates, and designs, the NIX® and Digital Factory work together to ensure consistent colors across all elements.

For accurate color values, we highly recommend exploring the NIX® Color Sensor. And when it's time to bring your colors to life through printing, Digital Factory will ensure those colors are flawlessly replicated.

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YouTube video on how to create a print mode using the module and Nix device:

Guarantee Accurate Colors with CADLink and Nix Sensor

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