XP600 Main Board

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The XP600 Main Board is a replacement component designed specifically for the Audley Mini 13 DTF Printer. Here are some important details about the XP600 Main Board:

  1. Compatibility: The XP600 Main Board is compatible with the Audley Mini 13 DTF Printer, ensuring seamless integration and proper functioning.

  2. Functionality: As the main board, it serves as the central control unit for the printer, managing various operations such as printhead control, ink flow, and overall printer functionality.

  3. Installation: The XP600 Main Board is intended for installation by experienced technicians or individuals familiar with printer electronics. It is essential to follow proper installation procedures and precautions to avoid damage.

  4. Returns and Exchanges: Due to the nature of circuit board components, there are typically no returns, refunds, or exchanges allowed for installed circuit boards. It is crucial to ensure compatibility and proper installation before proceeding.