White Ink Circulation Control Unit

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The White Ink Circulation Control Unit is an essential component used in DTF printers that employ white ink. Here are some key details about the White Ink Circulation Control Unit:

  1. Purpose: The White Ink Circulation Control Unit is responsible for managing the circulation of white ink within the printer's ink system. It helps prevent settling and clogging of white ink, ensuring a consistent and reliable flow.

  2. Functionality: The control unit utilizes pumps, valves, sensors, and other components to circulate the white ink throughout the ink system. It helps maintain the ink's viscosity, prevents pigment separation, and ensures proper ink delivery to the printhead.

  3. Compatibility: The White Ink Circulation Control Unit is designed to work with specific DTF printers that have white ink functionality. It may vary in design and specifications depending on the printer model and manufacturer.

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