White DTF Ink - 900ml

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Introducing our DTF White Ink for Desktop and Wide Format Printers:

Experience exceptional white ink performance in your DTF printing with our DTF White Ink. Designed for use in Epson-based printers and printheads, this water-based ink delivers outstanding results. Here's what makes our DTF White Ink stand out:

  1. Compatibility: Our DTF White Ink is compatible with both desktop and wide format DTF printers, allowing you to achieve remarkable white ink prints across different printer setups.

  2. Formulated for Epson Printheads: We have carefully formulated this ink to perform optimally in specific Epson printheads, including DX5, DX7, xp600, 4720, and i3200. This ensures consistent and reliable results in your DTF printing projects.

  3. Ideal for DTF Transfers: DTF White Ink is specifically designed for use with DTF Film to create high-quality transfers. Its water-based formulation promotes excellent adhesion and vibrant white coverage on various garment materials.

  4. Convenient Packaging: Each DTF White Ink bottle contains 900ml, providing an ample supply for your printing needs. This quantity aides in uninterrupted printing and facilitates efficient ink management.

Note: To maintain the ink's performance, it is recommended to gently roll or shake the DTF White Ink bottle on a daily basis. This simple step prevents pigment separation and ensures consistent print quality.