Mimaki Vacuum Table 30P

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Mimaki Vacuum Table 30: Elevate Your Printing Precision

Experience unmatched printing precision and control with the advanced Mimaki Vacuum Table 30, designed to perfectly complement your UJF-3042MkII and UJF-A3MkII series models.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Alignment: Achieve flawless print alignment every time. The Vacuum Table 30 ensures your media stays securely in place, eliminating any chances of misalignment during the printing process.

  • Enhanced Stability: Say goodbye to unwanted shifts or movements. The vacuum-powered grip holds your media firmly in place, providing stability even during intricate and complex printing jobs.

  • Optimal Efficiency: Maximize your productivity with streamlined workflows. The Vacuum Table 30 enables efficient printing by minimizing the need for constant readjustments, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional prints.

Supported Models:

The Vacuum Table 30 is meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with the following models:

  • UJF-3042MkII EX e  
  • UJF-3042MkII e
Experience printing like never before with the Mimaki Vacuum Table 30. Elevate your output quality, reduce wastage, and embrace a new level of accuracy. Your creative vision deserves nothing less.