Fiery v11 DTF Desktop Edition to DTF Edition - UPGRADE

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Upgrade to the new Digital Factory v11 DTF Edition from the DTF Desktop Edition! Experience the revolutionary single pass underbase and highlight white technology. This version is specifically designed for users who have upgraded their printers to 24"/60cm wide or larger.

Traditionally, underbase and highlight white printing involved multiple layers in DTG and UV printers. First, the underbase layer with white ink was printed, followed by printing the colors with highlight white after rewinding the printer.

However, this setup didn't allow for a second pass to print additional white ink. Highlight white only printed on white pixels to enhance the whiteness.

With our patent-pending single pass highlight white and underbase technology, Fiery brings you the whitest whites, vibrant colors, and reduced print time - all without the need for a second pass.

Note: Will require purchase of additional printer drivers/ports as applicable to support more than one printer.