Nylon Mesh sold by the foot

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The Nylon Mesh, sold by the foot, is a replacement protective mesh designed to surround the ink tubing inside your DTF printers. Here are some key details about this product:

  1. Purpose: The Nylon Mesh serves as a protective layer for the ink tubing within your DTF printer. It helps prevent the tubing from getting damaged or tangled, ensuring smooth ink flow during the printing process.

  2. Material: The mesh is made of durable nylon material, which provides strength and flexibility. Nylon is known for its resistance to wear and tear, making it suitable for protecting the ink tubing in a printing environment.

  3. Customizable Length: The Nylon Mesh is sold by the foot, allowing you to purchase the desired length according to your specific printer requirements. This flexibility enables you to customize the mesh to fit your printer setup perfectly.

  4. Easy Installation: The mesh can be easily installed by slipping it over the ink tubing. It is important to ensure a secure and snug fit to provide effective protection for the tubing.

By using the Nylon Mesh as a replacement for the protective mesh around the ink tubing in your DTF printer, you can help maintain the integrity of the tubing and ensure uninterrupted ink flow. 

Note: When purchasing the Nylon Mesh, make sure to measure the required length accurately to ensure you obtain the appropriate amount for your printer's ink tubing.