Mongoose Printer Roll Holder Set

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The Mongoose DTF Printer Roll Holder Set is an accessory designed to securely hold DTF (Direct-to-Film) film rolls during the printing process on the Mongoose DTF printer. Here are some key features of this product:

  1. Purpose: The roll holder set is specifically designed to provide stability and support to the DTF film roll as it feeds into the Mongoose DTF printer. It helps ensure proper alignment and tension of the film, allowing for smooth and accurate printing.

  2. Compatibility: The Mongoose DTF Printer Roll Holder Set is designed to be compatible with the Mongoose DTF printer model. It is important to verify that the set is suitable for your specific Mongoose printer before purchasing.

  3. Components: The set includes two roll holders that attach to the printer. These holders feature mechanisms or clamps to secure the DTF film roll in place and prevent it from unravelling or shifting during printing.

By using the Mongoose DTF Printer Roll Holder Set, you can ensure that the DTF film is properly supported and guided through the printer, reducing the risk of misalignment or printing errors.