Mongoose II Carriage Anti-collision Box with Sensor

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The Mongoose II Carriage Anti-collision Box with Sensor, also known as the Mongoose II Carriage Impact Sensor Assembly, is an important component designed to protect the printhead carriage of the Mongoose II DTF printer from collisions or damage. Here are some key details about this assembly:

  1. Purpose: The carriage anti-collision box is specifically designed to detect and prevent collisions between the printhead carriage and any obstacles or obstructions that may be present during the printing process. It helps safeguard the printhead and other delicate components of the printer from potential damage.

  2. Sensor Assembly: The assembly consists of an impact sensor and a protective box or enclosure. The impact sensor is responsible for detecting any sudden impacts or collisions that may occur during printing. Upon detecting such an impact, it sends a signal to the printer's control system, triggering appropriate measures to prevent further damage.

  3. Installation: The Mongoose II Carriage Anti-collision Box with Sensor is designed to be installed on the printhead carriage assembly of the Mongoose II DTF printer. It typically involves attaching the anti-collision box to the carriage assembly and connecting the sensor to the printer's control system.

  4. Functionality: When a collision or impact is detected by the sensor, the printer's control system may respond in different ways, depending on the printer's configuration. This can include stopping the printing process, retracting the printhead, or performing other safety measures to prevent further damage to the printer and the printed material.

The Mongoose II Carriage Anti-collision Box with Sensor into the Mongoose II DTF printer, you can enhance the overall protection and safety of the printer's printhead carriage. It helps minimize the risk of accidental collisions and potential damage, ensuring smoother and more reliable printing operations.

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