Mimaki Wiper Kit 33S

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Mimaki Wiper Kit 33S: Enhance Print Quality and Efficiency While Maintaining Optimal Print Head Performance

  • Keep your print head in prime condition with the Mimaki Wiper Kit 33S. Regular wiper replacement is crucial to reduce ink waste and ensure consistent print quality.
  • Over time, wipers can accumulate debris and ink residue that affects print head performance. By changing the wiper, you maintain optimal ink delivery and minimize downtime.

Optimize Ink Usage and Reduce Costs

  • A clean print head leads to efficient ink usage. With the Mimaki Wiper Kit 33S, you can significantly reduce ink waste and associated costs, contributing to a more sustainable printing process.
  • We recommend replacing the wiper every 3-6 months to ensure consistent, high-quality results.

Easy Maintenance and Enhanced Longevity

  • Our kit includes 10 high-quality wipers, providing you with ample supply for regular maintenance cycles.
  • If you notice any physical defects such as warping or tears on the wiper, it's an indication that a replacement is needed. This proactive approach ensures optimal performance and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

Supported Models for Versatile Compatibility

  • The Mimaki Wiper Kit 33S is designed for a range of models including CJV30, CJV150, CJV300, JV34, JV150, JV300, TxF150-75 and TxF300-75 ensuring versatile compatibility with your Mimaki printing equipment.

Elevate your printing experience with the Mimaki Wiper Kit 33S. Experience improved print quality, reduced ink waste, and a more efficient printing process, all while extending the life of your valuable equipment.