Mimaki PHT50 DTF Inks

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The Heat Transfer Pigment Ink for Mimaki DTF Printers is specifically designed for use in Mimaki DTF printers to achieve vibrant and durable heat transfers. Here are some key features and details about this ink:

  1. Degassed Aluminum Pack: The ink cartridges utilize the degassed aluminum pack method, which has been proven and used by Mimaki for over ten years. This method prevents oxygen and other gases from mixing with the color ink and white ink, reducing the risk of nozzle clogging and loss.

  2. Deaeration and Nozzle Clogging: The degassed aluminum pack design helps maintain the stability of the ink by preventing air bubbles from entering the ink pack. This minimizes the chances of nozzle clogging, ensuring consistent and reliable printing performance.

  3. Ecology and Economy: The use of the degassed aluminum pack not only benefits ink stability but also contributes to ecological and economical advantages. By reducing the amount of plastic used compared to ink bottles, it helps to minimize plastic waste.

  4. Ink Capacity: The ink cartridges come in different capacities:

    • Colors: 600ml
    • White: 500ml

With these capacities, you can expect extended printing runs without frequent cartridge changes, improving workflow efficiency.