Mimaki LUS-170 UV Curable Ink

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Discover the Excellence of Mimaki LUS-170 UV Curable Ink in 1L bottle:

Experience immediate curing and impeccable adhesion through the power of UV radiation. This ink is not just a solution; it's an ecological and energy-saving masterpiece.

Key Features:

  • UV Radiation Magic: The ink swiftly cures and adheres to your chosen media or substrate, driven by UV radiation. Witness the magic of instant drying, ensuring rapid order fulfillment.

  • Versatility Unleashed: Embrace the freedom to print on non-absorbent materials, such as plastic, glass, and metal. Let your creativity flow beyond traditional boundaries.

  • Mimaki's Commitment: Shape your boldest ideas with Mimaki's array of UV-curable ink products. Our ink spans diverse industries, from decor and architecture to industrial design.

Supported Models:

Elevate your printing endeavors with the seamless compatibility of Mimaki LUS-170 UV Curable Ink across an impressive range of models:

  • 3DGD-1800
  • 3DUJ-553
  • 3DUJ-2207
  • JFX200-2513
  • JFX200-2513 EX
  • JFX200-2531
  • JFX500-2131
  • JFX600-2513
  • SIJ-320UV
  • UCJV300 Series
  • UJF-3042FX
  • UJF-3042MkII EX
  • UJF-3042MkII EX e
  • UJF-6042
  • UJF-7151 plus
  • UJF-7151 plusII
  • UJV55-320

Let Mimaki LUS-170 UV Curable Ink in a 1L bottle redefine your printing experience with its exceptional quality and compatibility. Your ideas deserve nothing less than the best.