Flushing Liquid 03 2000ml

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Mimaki Flushing Liquid 03 in a convenient 2,000ml bottle, designed specifically for cleaning ink channels in compatible models. Here are the key details:

  • Volume: Generous 2,000ml bottle for effective cleaning.
  • Supported Models: Compatible with TS500-1800, TS500P-3200, Tx500-1800B, Tx500-1800DS, and Tx500P-3200DS.
  • Corresponding Inks: Formulated to work seamlessly with Rc300, Sb300, Sb310, and Sb320 inks.
  • Purpose: Intended for thorough cleaning of ink channels to maintain optimal printer performance.

The Mimaki Flushing Liquid 03, in its generous 2L quantity, ensures efficient and effective cleaning of ink channels in the specified models, contributing to sustained printing quality and performance.

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