Epson F1080 / XP600 Printhead

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Genuine Epson F1080 / XP600 Printhead, specifically designed for DTF printers:

Our Genuine Epson F1080 / XP600 Printhead is a high-quality printhead that ensures reliable and precise ink delivery for your DTF printing needs. Here are the key features and details:

  1. Enhanced Printing Performance: The F1080 / XP600 printhead is engineered by Epson to deliver exceptional print quality and vibrant colors. With its advanced technology and precise ink droplet placement, it enables sharp details and smooth gradients, resulting in professional-level prints.

  2. Genuine Epson Product: Epson printheads ensure compatibility, reliability, and consistent performance. By using the authentic Epson F1080 / XP600 printhead, you can trust in its quality and compatibility with your DTF printer.

  3. New and Unused: Each printhead is brand new ensuring that you receive a high-quality printhead that meets the manufacturer's specifications.

  4. Important Notice: Please note that once the printhead is installed, it is not eligible for returns, refunds, exchanges, or warranty claims. 

  5. Availability: Currently, the Epson F1080 / XP600 printhead is available for customers within the United States.

The Genuine Epson F1080 / XP600 Printhead, designed to deliver exceptional print quality and reliable performance. Enjoy the benefits of using an authentic Epson product and unleash the full potential of your DTF printer for outstanding prints.