24" Compact DTF Shaker Oven

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This sleek and efficient dryer is perfect for smaller spaces but packs a performance punch. This dryer will fit through a 28" doorway. Ideal for speeding up your production process, this compact marvel ensures your prints are perfectly set and ready to dazzle. Compact size, colossal results!

Fume Extraction: Please note that fume extraction is essential when using the Shaker/Dryer. Due to the hazardous nature of the fumes, we will not install a printer package or dryer without proper extraction and ventilation to ensure a safe working environment.


  • 1-Year Limited Warranty 
  • Maximum Shake Powder Width: 23.6inches
  • Machine Size: 43.7in x 39.4in x 38.5in 
  • Powder Shaker and Oven Weight: 176.4lbs 
  • Packaging Size: 34.3in x 44.1in x 43.8in 
  • Compatible with media within a width of 23.6inches
  • Curing speed of 64 -107 square feet per hour.

Dryer Power Specifications:

A/C 120v 40 amps Regulated L5-30 Style outlet. -1 dedicated circuit