Mimaki Swivel Blade for PVC sheet

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The Mimaki Swivel Blade for PVC Sheets are designed for precision cutting
  • Designed for cutting adhesive-backed sheets like vinyl with precision and accuracy.
  • Built to withstand high cutting pressure, ensuring a clean and consistent cut.
  • Ideal for various applications where precise cutting on PVC sheets is essential.

Package Contents
  • Each package includes 3 swivel blades for prolonged and uninterrupted use.

Wide Compatibility
  • Compatible with a range of Mimaki models, including CF series, CG series, CJV series, and more (see full list below).

Supported Models
CF-0912, CF-120, CF-1215, CF-1218, CF-150, CF-60, CF2-0907, CF2-0912, CF2-1215, CF2-1218, CF3-1610, CF3-1631, CFR-1220, CFS-1313, CG-100EX, CG-100Lx, CG-100SRII, CG-100SRIII, CG-101, CG-130EX, CG-130FX, CG-130FXII, CG-130Lx, CG-130SR, CG-130SRII, CG-130SRIII, CG-160FX, CG-160FXII, CG-45, CG-50, CG-60EX, CG-60SL, CG-60SR, CG-60SRIII, CG-60st, CG-61, CG-75FX, CG-75FXII, CG-75SRII, CG-90, CG-90AP, CJV150-107, CJV150-107BS, CJV150-130, CJV150-130BS, CJV150-160, CJV150-160BS, CJV150-75, CJV150-75BS, CJV30-100, CJV30-100BS, CJV30-130, CJV30-130BS, CJV30-160, CJV30-160BS, CJV30-60, CJV30-60BS, CJV300-130, CJV300-130BS, CJV300-160, CJV300-160BS, TPC-1000

Enhance your cutting accuracy and efficiency with the Mimaki Swivel Blade for PVC sheets, engineered for reliable performance across various Mimaki printer models.