Mimaki Kebab Mk II

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The Mimaki Kebab MkII Series, an innovative solution that transforms UV printing on cylindrical objects into a captivating art form. Designed to seamlessly integrate with "UJF-MkII" series and "UJF-7151" series UV printers, the Kebab MkII opens new dimensions in printing possibilities.

Imagine cylindrical items like beverage containers or promotional items coming to life with a complete 360-degree surface print. The Kebab MkII makes this vision a reality, allowing objects to rotate while undergoing UV printing. This unique approach ensures that the entire surface of the object is adorned with your design, creating an immersive visual experience.

Gone are the limitations of flat printing. With the Kebab MkII, your designs become an integral part of the cylindrical object's form. Whether it's a beverage container, a promotional item, or a bespoke piece, the Kebab MkII elevates the way you present your designs.