Mimaki Flushing Liquid 03 Washing Liquid for ink change

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Mimaki Flushing Liquid 03: Your Partner in Ink Change and Maintenance

Introducing the Mimaki Flushing Liquid 03, an essential tool for maintaining optimal performance and extending the life of your printer. Specifically designed for ink change and routine upkeep, this 220ml washing liquid ensures your printer continues to deliver stunning results.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient Ink Change: Switching between inks has never been easier. The Flushing Liquid 03 guarantees a thorough cleansing of the ink system, preventing unwanted color mixing and ensuring pristine output.

  • Daily Maintenance: Keep your printer in top shape with hassle-free daily maintenance. This flushing liquid effectively clears ink channels, maintaining consistent ink flow for consistent, high-quality prints.

Supported Models:

The Flushing Liquid 03 is compatible with a wide range of Mimaki models, including but not limited to:

  • CJV150-75, CJV150-107, CJV150-130, CJV150-160
  • CJV300-130, CJV300-130 Plus, CJV300-160, CJV300-160 Plus
  • JV33-130, JV33-160, JV33-260, JV34-260
  • JV150-130, JV150-160, JV300-130, JV300-130 Plus, JV300-160, JV300-160 Plus
  • JV400-130LX, JV400-160LX
  • TS3-1600, TS5-1600AMF, TS30-1300, TS34-1800A, TS55-1800, TS100-1600, TS300P-1800, TS330-1600, Tx300P-1800, Tx300P-1800 MkII, Tx300P-1800B, TxF150-75

Corresponding Inks:

The Flushing Liquid 03 is compatible with various Mimaki inks, including Ac400, DD400, LX100, LX101, PHT50, Rc400, Rc500, Sb52, Sb53, Sb54, Sb60, Sb410, Sb411, Sb420, and Sb610.


  • Ideal for daily maintenance (excluding LX100 and LX101).
  • Ensures thorough cleaning of ink channels, preventing clogs and ensuring consistent performance.

Elevate your printing experience with the Mimaki Flushing Liquid 03, your reliable partner for ink change and maintenance. Trust in its effectiveness to maintain your printer's peak performance and produce outstanding prints every time.


PN: FL003-Z-22