Plastic Barbed Tube Fitting

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The Plastic Barbed Tube Fitting is a type of connector used to join and secure flexible tubing in various applications. Here are some key details about the Plastic Barbed Tube Fitting with a 3/32" size:

  • Function: The barbed tube fitting features a barbed end that allows it to be inserted into the inner diameter of flexible tubing, creating a secure connection. The fitting typically has ridges or serrations along its surface, providing enhanced grip and preventing the tubing from slipping off.
  • Size: The Plastic Barbed Tube Fitting has a 3/32" size. This refers to the outer diameter of the tubing it is designed to accommodate. It is important to ensure that the inner diameter of the tubing matches the size of the fitting for a proper fit.
  • Material: The fitting is made of plastic, which is commonly used for its durability, corrosion resistance, and affordability. Plastic fittings are suitable for various applications where chemical compatibility, lightweight construction, or non-conductive properties are required.

When selecting a Plastic Barbed Tube Fitting, consider the specific size, material, and compatibility requirements for your application. Proper installation and regular inspection can help maintain the integrity and functionality of the tubing connections.