What to Know Before You Buy a DTF Printer from DTF Superstore
Susie Graves

What to Know Before You Buy a DTF Printer from DTF Superstore

Thinking about stepping into the exciting world of Direct to Film (DTF) printing? Before you embark on this creative journey with your DTF printer from DTF Superstore, there are some vital things you absolutely NEED to know. We've compiled a comprehensive guide to ensure you're fully prepared for this venture, covering everything from basic information to facility requirements and technology prerequisites.

 General Information

 1. Wait to Book Jobs

One of the cardinal rules of DTF printing is never to book print jobs or sell services until you've received your printer and learned how to use it. Rushing into orders can lead to costly mistakes, so patience is key.

 2. Computer Skills Are a Must

Basic computer skills are a prerequisite for successful DTF printing. You'll need to navigate software interfaces, manage files, and troubleshoot potential issues.

 3. Graphic Program Familiarity

A general understanding of graphic programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Coreldraw is essential. These tools will be your creative companions in crafting stunning DTF prints.

 4. Learning Curve Ahead

Be prepared for a learning curve encompassing software, hardware, and the printing process itself. Allocate time and resources to master these aspects to ensure top-notch results.

 5. Ventilate the Dryer

Safety first! The dryer must be vented to the outside to disperse harmful fumes. Proper ventilation is non-negotiable.

 6. Door Size Matters

Remember, the printer may not fit through a standard 34-36" door. Measure doorways and hallways to ensure smooth delivery and installation.

 7. Keep the Shipping Crate

Hang onto that shipping crate! If your printer requires servicing, having the crate ensures secure transport and minimizes the risk of damage during transit.

 Facility Requirements

 8. Electrical Outlet Specifications

For the printer*, ensure you have a 110v electrical outlet with a surge protector. For the dryer*, a 220v 20 amp electrical outlet with an L6-20 twist lock is required.  *Each printer and dryer may have slightly different requirements, so check the specifics before installing.

 9. Computer Setup

Your Windows PC should have 16GB of RAM, an SSD hard drive, and a monitor of 24 inches or larger to handle the demands of DTF printing software.

 10. Dedicated Workspace

Clear a dedicated area large enough to operate the printer. Organization is key to efficiency.

 11. Climate Control

Maintain a climate-controlled environment with a temperature between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity between 35% and 60%. Consistency is crucial for optimal results.

 12. Handling Heavy Equipment

DTF printers and dryers are heavy, especially when in shipping crates. Ensure you have help available during delivery and installation to prevent accidents.

 13. Ventilation and Fume Elimination

Your dedicated workspace must be vented to the outside. Consider purchasing a fume eliminator to enhance safety and comfort.

 14. Delivery Logistics

When your equipment arrives, expect curbside, liftgate delivery. If additional transport is needed beyond moving the crates into your workspace with a pallet jack, make the necessary arrangements.

 15. Forklift for Roadrunner Printers

If you're purchasing a Roadrunner printer, plan that you will need a forklift arranged for delivery. Ensure your facility can accommodate this requirement.

 Technology Requirements

 16. Learn the RIP Software

RIP (Raster Imaging Processor) software is crucial. DTF Superstore recommends CadLink Digital Factory, Direct to Film Edition. Get started by watching their guide [here].

 17. DTF University

For Mongoose or Roadrunner Printers, consider enrolling in DTF University. It offers a plethora of instructional videos to help you become familiar with and proficient in using your equipment. [DTF University]

 18. Mimaki Printers

If you're opting for Mimaki Printers, rest assured that your install technician will provide training. However, for those who like to read ahead, the [Operation Manual] is available.

By arming yourself with this essential information, you'll be well-prepared to embark on your DTF printing journey from DTF Superstore. Remember, success in this field hinges on patience, preparation, and dedication to mastering the craft. Happy printing!