Turning Physical Art into a Blanket using DTF
Susie Graves

Turning Physical Art into a Blanket using DTF

Turning Physical Art into a Blanket using DTF

DTF Superstore does amazing prints on loads of different fabrics. One gift idea we had recently was for a DTF blanket with kids’ artwork.

Art on a blanket?

That’s right!

Have you ever thought about what to do with all the cute artwork your kids bring home from school or daycare? It’s fine to put them on the fridge for a while, but what if you could do something truly memorable with them?

At DTF Superstore we came up with the concept of incorporating kids’ art onto a blanket as a timeless reminder of their childhood.

Our Process

Digitize Artwork

We begin by digitizing your kid’s physical pieces. This simply involves placing them individually on a dark, flat surface. We then place a soft overhead light above and take a snapshot of each of them on a smartphone, ensuring each piece is fully captured and no shadows are present.

Secondly, in Photoshop we enter the dimensions for each image, whilst considering the overall size of the fleece blanket. We use a fleece blanket with a sweatshirt underside but print on the smooth side.

Thirdly, we drag and drop each image onto the virtual surface of the blanket in Photoshop. Once we know their location on the blanket, we optimize each image by adjusting their color saturation.

Next, we export the file for each image. An option we also offer is to create a digital canvas of the entire blanket to test out the colors and placements.

Then it’s over to the DTF printer for printing!Steps

How does the print get onto the blanket?

Good question! Especially since the dimensions of the blanket may be quite large. We do it in multiple sections via our heat press. A benefit of working with fleece is that it needs less time and heat for film application. We do a second press to ensure the longevity of both the prints and the blanket.

Once it’s cooled, the blanket is ready for you to snuggle up in!

Got other gift ideas? DTF Superstore can help!

Visit us with your different gift ideas because we’d love to make them for you. DTF Superstore is always looking for new ways to use DTF prints.