Starting up the Mimaki TxF150-75
Susie Graves

Starting up the Mimaki TxF150-75

Starting up the Mimaki TxF150-75

The Mimaki DTF printer is truly one of the more unique printers used for DTF printing. It is also known for producing outstanding quality, but its startup procedure is quite different from other DTF printers.

Mimaki printers are essentially plug ‘n’ play, meaning that within minutes of startup, it’s ready to print.

Powering Up!

Mimaki Start Up

Typically, a Mimaki will keep running overnight (often to perform system checks and maintenance), but at the beginning of the workday, you’ll still need to press the End/Power button on the control panel to start it up.

The screen panel will light up and you’ll notice that the printer will begin to ‘boot’. Those noises you start to hear are just the inks circulating. The screen will then ask you to wait.

One feature that the Mimaki is known for is that the ink cartridges are ‘de-gassed’ meaning you get seamless printing. Some DTF printers experience printing issues due to tiny air bubbles in the cartridges and lines. But not with the Mimaki!

Setting up the Film

Film Setup

Next, you’ll be prompted to detect the media width, which the Mimaki does automatically. Hit the left button and it will check the measurements of your film.

Now the Mimaki is ready to print!

Finishing the Design

You can then cut the film (as there is an inbuilt cutter) when it has printed. Simply hit the ‘Local’ Button (Func3) and then use the down arrow to move the print forward so there’s no chance the image is accidentally cut. Then hit ‘Cut’.

And voila! Remove your design from the Mimaki. Your amazingly detailed and eye-popping DTF printing is complete.

DTF Superstore and Mimaki Printers

Watch the full video here or to learn more about the amazing Mimaki printers and how they can facilitate your DTF printing creativity, visit DTF Superstore on our YouTube channel where you’ll find loads of instructional videos, or enroll in DTF University.