Speed Test Comparison
Susie Graves

Speed Test Comparison

Speed Test Comparison

We decided to compare 3 DTF printers today to determine which one was the fastest in getting a job done.

Mimaki TxF150-75


For a 16.25 sq. ft. print and a Gangsheet of 30” x 78”, the Mimaki got the job done in 20 minutes and 28 seconds.

Some of the best features of a Mimaki printer are that:

  • They are made to reduce downtime and clogging,
  • They have a self-cleaning function and,
  • They have industry-leading ink technology.


Next, we tested a Roadrunner with a Gangsheet of 22” x 108” and an identical 16.25 sq. ft. print. It got 27 prints done in a speedy 7 minutes and 32 seconds.

Roadrunners are known for:

  • 4 Epson Precision Core Print Heads
  • Printing at high speed: 150 + 10” x 10” PPH
  • 6 Pass and 8 Pass Print Resolution.

Mongoose II

Mongoose II

And lastly, we performed a speed test on the Mongoose II. This time we used a Gangsheet of 23” x 69”, which is approximately 11 sq. ft. The job was completed in 10 minutes and 50 seconds.

The Mongoose II features low-cost printing at around $1 per sq. ft for the printing company.

So, if a business charges $6.50 per sq. ft on a 132 sq. ft job, they’ll make a cool $726 in profit!


In conclusion, for DTF printing jobs with the best quality with minimal maintenance, go with the Mimaki. For speed, the Roadrunner surely lives up to its name. And for projects on a tight budget, use the Mongoose II.

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