Printing a DTF Transfer
Susie Graves

Printing a DTF Transfer

Printing a DTF Transfer

Jeremy is one of our gurus at DTF Superstore and recently he gave an informative, quick, and easy-to-follow tutorial on what to look out for when printing a DTF transfer.

In the tutorial, we decided to print on the popular Mongoose 2 Printer because it uses two printer heads. One head is used for white ink and the other for cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors.

During printing, the CMYK colors are printed first, followed by the white ink. The white ink goes over the colored ink to act as a bonding agent for the garments and make the colors pop!

The printed transfer will always come out backward, but don’t freak out! This is so when the transfer adheres to the garment, it will be the correct way.

One issue to look out for in your DTF print is ‘banding’. Banding is when faint stripes appear across the print. To learn how to avoid banding from ruining your amazing prints, check out our content at DTF University.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to monitor the printing process while it’s happening to ensure quality.

Other issues may arise during the printing stage of your DTF transfer, but we’ve always got you covered. Just check out DTF University to become a DTF Printing Wiz!