Mimaki Q&A
Susie Graves

Mimaki Q&A

Mimaki Q&A

The Mimaki TxF150-75 has taken DTF printing by storm and at DTF Superstore we are super excited to be an exclusive partner with Mimaki. Recently we hosted a Q & A Livestream to answer your questions about the printer that is literally changing the game.

Here were some highlights from that livestream!

How long do the print heads last in a Mimaki?

Unlike other printers which typically only have 4-5 months before their print heads need replacing, a Mimaki’s will last for a year and a Mimaki technician will replace them for you (for free) in the first year.

What makes the ink so good in a Mimaki?

This is due to the cartridges being de-gassed. This means no imperfections in the printing due to air pockets in the cartridges or lines.

How much is the cost of ink per sq. ft versus competitors?

Typically, double. But remember you aren’t required to do ink fills each day with a Mimaki, which avoids ink spoilage.

How much does maintenance cost after the 1-year warranty expires?

It will depend on what jobs you are using the Mimaki for, but due to its reliability, maintenance is typically low in cost.

Is the Mimaki slower compared to other printers?

Slightly, but the quality of the work is vastly superior.

How can I stay on top of maintenance?

Keeping the wiper blade and capping station clean are great ways to maintain the Mimaki. The display will also tell you when to perform maintenance, like shaking inks etc.

What head does it have?

An Epson DX-7.

When is the Mimaki available for purchase?

It is currently on backorder, but you can place an order for a Mimaki with DTF Superstore with expected delivery in July. Installation and setup take 2 days also.

If I need technical support, who can I contact?

Either DTF Superstore or Mimaki will be able to help!

If your questions about the Mimaki DTF printer weren’t covered in our livestream, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at DTF Superstore. We’d love to hear from you!