How to Enable Mirroring Using CADlink Software
Mike Ince

How to Enable Mirroring Using CADlink Software

Let's take a quick look at enabling mirroring within the CADlink software. This is something most people will do and that most artwork will require. When printing, DTF transfers the color ink lies down, followed by the white ink on top. Then, of course, we powder out transfers. And finally, we press on to our garments. Therefore, we must mirror the artwork to appear correctly after being pressed. Text and numbering would be the most apparent non-mirrored incidents, appearing backward if you didn't use the mirroring option.

If you are using the DTF Superstore drivers, you likely already have mirroring enabled on import by default.

#1 Import Your Artwork, Then Use the Mirror Button

This is the most basic way and gets the job done. However, this is not the most efficient way. After importing your art or dragging and dropping it into CADlink, hit the Mirror button on the bottom.

#2 Default Your Print Mode to Mirror

The second way is to set a preference within the print mode itself. Select Manage Print Modes a the top menu under Devices. Next, choose the print mode to enable this option. Once there, under settings, choose Layout Manager. And finally, choose to mirror horizontally (or vertically, if needed). Ensure you hit save on the bottom after you're finished.

#3 Default Your Entire Queue to Mirror on Import

The third option is our favorite. Because of the overwhelming times, you will want your artwork mirrored. We just assume have it done by default, on import, for the entire queue we are using and all the print modes there. So to do this, go to the main menu up top, and under Queue, select Manage Queues.

When the queues pop up, select the queue you'd like to enable this option on. Now, towards the top of this dialog, choose queue properties. Under Layout Properties, you have the option to Mirror the job on import. Check this, and you're finished.

Lastly, if you change anything that would affect the preview image, you must right-click on the image and select generate preview image. This will update the preview with your most current settings.

Make sure you only choose one of the mirror options. If you choose two, it will mirror the artwork twice. Meaning it's right back to its standard display, looking like nothing has been done to the art layout.

So now you know a few ways to enable mirroring within CADlink.