Dual Platen Heat Press Setup
Susie Graves

Dual Platen Heat Press Setup

Dual Platen Heat Press Setup

At DTF Superstore, the heat press we use to transfer printed graphics onto materials is the amazing Dual Platen Heat Press. If you have one of these or are curious about our process, we will give you a quick rundown of how we set it up for use.

We love the Dual Platen Heat Press because it is known for quick and accurate transfers every time.

Setting up

First, connect the air hose at the rear of the machine and then the nozzle end to your air compressor (minimum 1.5 HP/ 8-Gal), which should be set at around 80 psi.

Heat Press Air Compressor

Then, ensure the twin lasers are set up and focused over the mat area with precise, clear crosshairs.

Heat Press Menu

Next, flip the red switch on at the control panel and ensure your emergency stop is disengaged. Use the pill-shaped button to cycle through each setting, while the arrow keys will adjust them. Take note of any alarms indicated as ‘Alm’ on the screen too.

Remember to use the large red button in case of an emergency. This will shut the press down.

Begin the pressing

Use the handle to slide the press in place, and let it automatically work its heat-pressing magic!

Keep an eye on the countdown on the control, but the press will automatically raise itself when it is complete.

The pressing is then complete. It couldn’t be any simpler!

The Dual Platen Heat Press is available from DTF Superstore, as is a ton of other information about DTF. Also, check out our YouTube channel and DTF University to learn more.