DTF Basics | Powdering (Adhesive Powder)
Susie Graves

DTF Basics | Powdering (Adhesive Powder)

Whether you’re new to using adhesive powder for your DTF transfer, or you’re a veteran, we can all use a few pointers sometimes. That’s where we can help at DTF Superstore. Keep reading below to learn how to handle your adhesive powder.

First things first, if you are only doing a couple of transfers, you can hand powder your transfers. If you have a batch of transfers, using a dryer shaker combo machine unit is usually the best option. That’s because it is a more efficient, faster, and cleaner way to apply your powder. We recognize you may only need to do a smaller number of transfers, or you might not have access to one of these machines, so we’ll walk you through what each process looks like below.

How does an automated powdering machine work?

Machine Powdering

These machines handle the powder process from start to finish. First, the machine pours powder on the transfer when it goes through the machine’s chamber, adhering the powder to the film. Then the transfer will go to a dryer which includes a shaking apparatus that will shake off any excess powder and help it dry.

How does hand powdering work?

Hand Powdering

If you need to hand-powder your design, you’ll want to follow these steps. Before you dive into these steps, you’ll want to ensure you are waiting about 60-90 seconds before powdering after the ink is set. This will allow for the ink to become slightly tacky, instead of being extremely wet. Once the ink is tacky, you’re ready to start hand powdering.

First, you’ll need to lay the transfer ink-side up in a large tray. Next, you’ll want to pour a generous amount of powder directly on the transfer. After that, you’ll want to lift the film with two hands to roll the powder back and forth to cover all the ink. You’ll want to do this step a few times to ensure all the ink is covered. Finally, you’ll want to hold one end of the film and flick the back side of the film to remove any excess powder. You’ll want to keep flicking the film until no more comes off. Once that happens, the hand powdering process is complete.

When you follow this process, you’re ensuring your designs have maximum durability. Powdering is just one of the crucial steps in the DTF process though. Learn how to tackle other steps in the process by heading over to our DTF YouTube channel!