We tested the Mimaki's No White Underbase

Mimaki has launched its first DTF printer – the TxF150-75, and it works a bit differently than many people are used to. It’s pushing DTF technology forward to work in a way that you might not have considered before. However, there are benefits to its method. This printer doesn’t use a white underbase for the graphics it creates, and this comes with positive outcomes for many aspects of its graphics.

A white underbase has long been thought to be necessary for a good image. However, this no-white underbase printer produces great images that look good and easily print detailed work. It also allows for an easy peel once it’s in place for a clean look. Their graphics stretch well, but the stretching can cause tiny cracks when there’s no white underbase.

This type of printing is also great for when you want a thinner transfer. In these cases, this type of printer is often the best tool for the task. When considering this printer, think about your specific graphic needs and which aspects you value the most.