Swimwear - Will it DTF?
Susie Graves

Swimwear - Will it DTF?

It’s that time of year folks where we dig out our swimwear to cool off under the hot summer sun at our favorite beaches, lakes, rivers, and pools. To match the fun vibes and the good times of summer, you’ve got to have the swimwear to go with it, right!

So, at DTF Superstore we decided to test whether we could DTF on to swimwear and see how it would survive the intense Arizona heat and harsh chlorine of pools.

A True Sun & Pool Test.

First, we made some careful adjustments to our usual DTF process, because of the typically thin and light fabric of swimwear.

We then left a pair of trunks and a swimsuit we printed on in a chlorine water filled pool for seven days.

 Finally, we then dried each item for seven days under the blazing Arizona sun.

Our results were impressive, to say the least!

See for yourself!

Check out DTF Superstore’s latest YouTube video for more details on the DTF process and testing we conducted. You’ll see for yourself how DTF and swimwear make a great pair, especially for swim teams, lifeguards, and summer camp apparel.