Mimaki takes over DTF Printing
Susie Graves

Mimaki takes over DTF Printing

ISA International Sign Expo 2023 recently wrapped in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. If there was one takeaway guests saw across the entire event, it was that Mimaki had taken over DTF printing.

The printer was in full swing showing off its exceptional capabilities. One display showed its ability to create some amazing new streetwear hoodies and track pants. The threads looked fresh!

Attendees were bug-eyed, and mouths opened when they saw what Mimaki could do.

Steve McCall, the go-to guy on the West Coast for Mimaki, was on hand at the expo and demonstrated how they were crushing the competition in DTF printing.

One of the main reasons Steve was also in attendance was to highlight that DTF Superstore is a premier partner of Mimaki!

Moses Ward from DTF Superstore was also on hand, showing off the Mimaki.

The Mimaki TxF150-75 Professional Grade DTF Printer was the expo's star. As an exclusive partner of Mimaki, DTF Superstore is excited to show what it can do for its customers. Contact us today so we can start on your next DTF project that will be sure to turn heads.