Looking For A DTF Machine? Check Out These 2 DTF Printers!
Mike Ince

Looking For A DTF Machine? Check Out These 2 DTF Printers!

Looking For A DTF Machine? Check Out These 2 DTF Printers!

Are you in the market for a DTF Machine? Then let us show you two of our favorite units right now for 2023! We will introduce you to our Mongoose II printer and Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF Machine.

Mongoose II

First, we have the Mongoose II DTF Print System. This is our current best seller and for good reason. This printer offers 24" max printing on its dual Epson i3200 printheads. On average, it prints plenty fast for your shop production at 60+ prints, with artwork at 10x10." You can see a Mongoose II speed test on our YouTube channel.

In addition, easy-access doors help with maintenance and come with a 90-day limited warranty (more extensive warranties are also available, which we suggest if you are new to direct-to-film printing). It's available for purchase with a dryer and CADlink rip software.

Mongoose II DTF machine

Mimaki TxF150-75

The second DTF machine we are showcasing today is one month from release and will be the most technically advanced DTF printer as of today! 

This printer has ink that circulates through the damper! And the consistency of the ink, along with the nozzle detection, is better than any other printer out today! If you want your DTF game at peak levels, this is the unit to buy.

One of the many great things about this DTF machine is that when you purchase it, you are going to get onsite installation included. This printer also includes a one-year warranty, including printheads. Now that's a score!

Mimaki DTF Machine


The Mimaki TxF150-75 is available for preorder now.

DTF University FREE With Any DTF Machine

The best thing about purchasing either of these DTF machines is that you will be enrolled in our in-depth DTF University courses. For questions on any of these printers, you can email or call us anytime; someone from our staff will help you.