DTF Superstore New Release: CADlink Digital Factory 11
Mike Ince

DTF Superstore New Release: CADlink Digital Factory 11

DTF Superstore is proud to announce and carry the highly anticipated version 11 of Digital Factory: A groundbreaking release!

With a firm foothold as a frontrunner in specialty printing applications, Digital Factory v11 raises the bar by enhancing the already astounding performance in direct-to-film, direct-to-garment, UV, sublimation, toner transfer, and wide format print/cut applications.

Upgrade your workflow with the latest and most robust functionalities offered in Digital Factory v11. Experience the cutting-edge additions that are an absolute necessity for direct-to-film production.


For those acquainted with the immensely popular direct to film technique, you're likely aware of the challenge (or rather, the impossibility) of achieving enhanced whites in a single pass using a roll-fed machine. However, with Fiery's revolutionary patent-pending single pass highlight white underbase feature, you can now achieve amplified whites, delivering the purest and most vivid colors imaginable, all accomplished in just one pass!

Digital Factory v11 encompasses a multitude of additional enhancements, featuring an array of new and refined features meticulously designed to optimize your production capabilities.

Digital Factory v11 Highlights!

Introducing the Variable Data Wizard: Simplify the process of generating and substituting images, text, or serialization within a design, eliminating all the associated complexities and difficulties. Experience a streamlined solution that makes the task quick and effortless!

Advanced Halftone Controls: Looking to achieve a smoother print texture without compromising your image quality? Benefit from the advanced halftone controls that offer greater precision and customization options for adjusting your halftone settings. Experience finer control over your prints for optimal results.

Print Labels: Effortlessly monitor the progress of your jobs, starting from design all the way to production, using the print labels feature. This invaluable functionality simplifies your production workflow and minimizes the chances of operator errors, regardless of the scale of your production environment. Stay organized and efficient throughout the entire process.

Print Mode Creation: Unleash your inner color expert in no time with our user-friendly wizard. Seamlessly color profile diverse substrates, achieve precise spot color matching (even across different devices), and most importantly, conserve ink throughout the process. Experience the convenience of effortless color management while maximizing the ink you will save!

Automatic Job Sorter: Efficiently organize and distribute jobs across multiple workstations, devices, and production queues with automated sorting capabilities. Even when working remotely, AJS enables seamless transmission of jobs directly to remote production or other cloud environments, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and productivity.