DTF Starter Supply Pack -A3

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Embark on your DTF printing journey with our comprehensive DTF Starter Pack. Designed to provide you with essential supplies, this pack sets you up for success in creating your own DTF Transfers. Here's what you can expect from the DTF Starter Supply Pack:

DTF Inks ($129.99):

  • CMYK DTF Inks: Includes four 250ml bottles of CMYK DTF Inks, allowing you to achieve vibrant and accurate colors in your prints.
  • White DTF Ink: Contains a 900ml bottle of White DTF Ink, enabling you to add opacity and brightness to your designs.

2.2 lbs - Medium Adhesive Powder - Economy ($34.99):

  • This pack includes 2.2 lbs of Medium Adhesive Powder, providing you with a balanced adhesive strength for optimal transfer results.

A3 Hot Peel - 100 Sheets ($59.99):

  • You'll receive 100 sheets of A3 Hot Peel paper, ensuring a convenient and efficient process for transferring your designs onto garments.

With a combined value of $224.97, the DTF Starter Supply Pack offers a cost-effective solution to kickstart your DTF printing endeavors.

Please note that the CMYK DTF Inks in this pack are specifically recommended for use in Epson-based printers and printheads such as DX5, DX7, xp600, 4720, and i3200. It is important to ensure compatibility with your printer before use.

Begin your DTF printing journey with confidence using the DTF Starter Pack, which provides you with the necessary DTF Film, DTF Ink, and DTF Powder Adhesive to start creating impressive DTF Transfers.

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