11.8" x 65' Glow in the Dark DTF film

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The 11.8" x 65' Glow in the Dark DTF film is a specialized film used in the DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing process. Here are the key details about this product:

  • Size: The film comes in a roll with a width of 11.8 inches and a length of 65 feet. This size is suitable for DTF printing on various substrates, including fabrics and other printable materials.
  • Glow in the Dark Effect: This DTF film has a unique feature that allows it to glow in the dark. After exposing the film to light, it will store the energy and emit a vibrant glow in low-light or dark conditions, creating an eye-catching effect.
  • Cold Peel: The Glow in the Dark DTF film is a cold peel product. This means that after the printing and curing process, you need to wait for the film to cool down before peeling off the carrier sheet. Cold peeling helps ensure that the design transfers smoothly and accurately onto the target substrate.
  • Versatile Application: This Glow in the Dark DTF film is ideal for creating eye-catching designs on various garments and fabric items. It adds a unique touch to your clothing, making your prints stand out during the day and creating a captivating glow effect at night.
  • Easy to Use: The film is designed for easy application and can be used with standard DTF printing equipment. Simply load the film onto your DTF printer and follow the standard printing process to transfer the design onto the substrate.
  • Glow Duration: The duration and intensity of the glow effect may vary depending on the exposure time to light and the quality of the film. For best results, charge the film under direct light or a UV light source to enhance the glow effect.

By using the 11.8" x 65' Glow in the Dark DTF film, you can create unique and attention-grabbing designs that glow in the dark. Whether for personal use or adding a special touch to your clothing line, this film offers an exciting and creative way to make your prints shine, even in lower light conditions.


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