FFC 45cm Ribbon Cable - 14 Pin

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FFC 45cm Ribbon Cable - 14 Pin for Epson i3200/4720 Printhead:

Ensure reliable connectivity and smooth communication between your Epson i3200/4720 printhead and the printer with our FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) 45cm Ribbon Cable. Designed specifically for Epson i3200 and 4720 printheads, this cable provides the following benefits:

  1. Compatibility: The FFC 45cm Ribbon Cable is perfectly suited for Epson i3200 and 4720 printheads, ensuring seamless integration into your printer system. It is specifically engineered to meet the connectivity requirements of these printhead models.

  2. Reliable Performance: This ribbon cable is built to deliver stable and consistent communication between the printhead and the printer. It is designed to minimize signal loss and interference, resulting in reliable data transmission and smooth operation.

  3. Length and Pin Configuration: The cable measures 45cm in length, providing ample reach for connecting the printhead to the printer. With its 14-pin configuration, it offers compatibility and precise alignment with the corresponding connectors.

Maintain the integrity of your printer's communication system by using our FFC 45cm Ribbon Cable. Enjoy uninterrupted performance, efficient data transmission, and seamless connectivity between your Epson i3200/4720 printhead and the printer.

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