Oric Vs Audley - A Closer Look at DTF Printers

Oric Vs Audley - A Closer Look at DTF Printers

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When researching and viewing our printers, you will notice we carry two similar, yet different, high end models. In this post, we will highlight some of the similarities and differences for the two printers side by side, Oric vs Audley.

Let's first talk about what these two powerful printers have in common.

  • The mainboards and printheads are the same, which are the Epson i3200 or Epson 4720
  • This means each will print at the same speed, and yield the same print quality
  • Both printers come with shaker / dryers that will powder and cook the same
  • Both feature ink circulation and stirring for the white ink
  • Same compatibilities with rip software
  • 220 volts (single phase, 40 amp breaker) will be required to operate both printers. 2 inputs, one for each printer, and one for each dryer.

Now that you have seen what they both share in capabilities, let us highlight some of the differences. 

  • The Audley max print width is 24", while the Oric can print up to 29" wide. Note that both of the dryers we sell with our units cater to 24" wide printing. If you wanted to use the Oric to print at 29" wide, you would need a wider dryer than what we currently bundle with or manually powder and cook the prints.
  • The Oric has an alarm for low ink levels, while the Audley does not.
  • The biggest thing to note, in our opinion, is when comparing the two, the Oric has panels that easily open and is quite roomy inside allowing for easier access and maintenance. (see pic below)
  • This is not to say the Audley isn't accessible, it's just not as convenient as the Oric, since you have to remove the screws/panels. 

The last thing to note of difference would be the dryers. Functionality is the same, but the Audley does have a much more compact design. See below for the entire setup specs.

Printer dimensions and footprints:


Printer: 65" wide x 29" deep x 57" high

Dryer: 39" wide x 57" deep x 43" high

Estimated Entire Footprint for the Oric Setup: 65" wide x 88" deep x 57" tall


Printer: 82" wide x 30" deep x 67" tall

Dryer: 43" wide x 90" deep x 36" tall

Estimated Entire Footprint for the Oric Setup: 82" wide x 120" deep x 67" tall

Please Note: Ideally you want to also plan to have 3 feet of space on all ends of the fully established unit. This allows you plenty of room to walk around the entire setup and gives room to remove catch trays from the dryer.

Check out the printer pages and their options for each unit:

Audley 24" DTF Printer System

Oric 24” Professional DTF Printing System

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