Everything You Need To Know About DTF Adhesive Powders

Everything You Need To Know About DTF Adhesive Powders

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Everything You Need To Know About DTF Adhesive Powders

Here at the DTF Superstore we sell five difference adhesive powders for your direct to film transfers. Let's discuss all five!

Our most popular and #1 sell is:

Medium Stretchy

Good to Know: A nice middle ground between fine and coarse. This will cook at 210° for the typical 3 minutes.

And the others we sell on our site:

Medium Economy

Good to Know: Also a middle ground for the size of the powder grains. However this economy adhesive has a higher melting point of 260°.

Black Medium

Good to Know: This powder is dyed black, to use on black garments. Things to consider that will come into play will be the amount of choke and if you have the white peaking out. 260° for it's dryer/oven temp.

Fine Stretchy

Good to Know: This gives the garment the softest feel, but at the price of making it a little bit harder to shake off the transfer sheet.

No Stretch

Good to Know: This would be used on items that have no stretching ability. The bond will be better, but this is not something you would use on garments.

Final Thoughts

Above all, remember it's important to test things like this to become familiar with the process. Different factors can come into play, such as, room temperate, equipment and humidity. Though we have established guidelines here, running tests will always be recommended, and be beneficial to your business and your customers.


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