DTF Superstore Driver Release Notes

DTF Superstore Driver Release Notes

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DTF Superstore Driver Release Notes

DTF Superstore 24 Driver

1.4 -  released 09-07-2021

  • Confirmed mirroring enabled on all importing


Heavy ALL Inks - adds some kick to all ink channels. If you notice coverage issues, give this mode a shot. Keep in mind more ink may affect color accuracy if that is your goal.

1.2 -  released 08-17-2021

  • Slightly upped white across the board on all print modes
  • Mirroring enabled on all importing
  • 10% more white ink printing under black


Heavy White - great for poly tees and blends, and if you think you need more white down in general. The amount of white down factors in inks, garments, heat pressing, and powder. So this will be another option for you as you get familiar with the DTF process.

DTF Superstore 24x4 (4 head) Driver

Coming Soon!

Remember to back up print modes and devices before updating to ensure a smooth update.

How to Backup Print Modes and Queues

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